The latest update on Enviropacific’s SOLVE Facility

September 19, 2018

The latest update on Enviropacific’s SOLVE Facility

Enviropacific’s new soil and waste facility in Melbourne’s west is now progressing from the commissioning phase into licence testing.

During this next phase, SOLVE will continue to test and expand the performance of the thermal and other treatment systems to make sure they are operating reliably and within the guidelines set down by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority. Once these tests are completed in the next few months, we will seek a full operating licence. To date SOLVE has successfully treated in excess of 5,000 tonnes of contaminated soil and waste.

It is pleasing to see a positive response to our new facility, with the signing of several large contracts. We are working closely with other local (Victorian) and interstate players along with the rest of the Enviropacific business to ensure we are part of their upcoming project opportunities.

We will continue to develop the market and investigate other waste streams suitable for treatment at SOLVE.

We look forward to sharing further updates of our success and key milestones over the coming months, under the leadership of our new SOLVE manager, Tristan Roberts, who was recently appointed in August.