SOLVE Facility now EPA Licenced

January 24, 2019

SOLVE Facility now EPA Licenced

Enviropacific is pleased to announce EPA-approval of our licence to treat Category A, B and C Prescribed Industrial Wastes at our industry leading SOLVE treatment facility in Altona, Victoria.

SOLVE’s purpose is to support Victoria’s strategic approach to maximise the diversion of contaminated soil and prescribed industrial wastes from landfill by providing sustainable waste solutions nationally.

Traditionally, contaminated soils have been managed through direct disposal to landfill – the lowest tier of best practice waste management. As policy and regulation move to improve environmental outcomes, SOLVE provides a better solution to waste owners ensuring ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. Enviropacific’s strength lies in our ability to design for, to handle, and treat difficult wastes. Our highly credible and established performance history gives confidence that we can solve any complex waste challenge.

SOLVE will continue to remove contaminated material from sites across Melbourne and Australia, diverting unnecessary waste from landfill, aligning with Enviropacific’s mission to create safer, healthier communities.

For more information about how SOLVE can benefit your operations, phone 1300 995 116 or email