Thermal Treatment

Thermal Treatment

Our Thermal Desorption Plant is an integral part of the waste and resource recovery solution, and enables our clients to realise better financial, sustainable, and environmental value for their waste problem.

To ensure safe handling, the contaminated waste is transported to our facility and stored in a fully enclosed Material Receival Building with controlled atmospheric conditions prior to treatment. During the thermal desorption process, heat is applied to the waste to volatilise the contaminants, capturing them as a vapour for destruction, while allowing the recovery of the soil matrix for beneficial purposes.

Our plant has a production capacity of 30 tonnes per hour and is currently licensed to manage up to 100,000 tonnes annually. Since establishment of the plant, we have successfully treated over 300,000 tonnes of highly complex hazardous wastes, accepting shipments from various Australian states and territories, as well as contaminated site owners including Defence, Government, and Major Petrochemicals.

Current Treatment Capability

The SOLVE Thermal Plant is EPA licenced to treat over 20 categories of complex contaminants including PFAS.

Current Approved Waste Codes

N120 (Category A, B, C and D)

M100, M120, M160, M270, N190, N210 (Industrial Wastes), J100, J120, K310-H, K400-H, Y100

Primary Licenced Contaminants


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