NDD and Drill Mud Recycling

NDD and Drill Mud Recycling

Our Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Treatment Plant is a high-tech component of SOLVE which specialises in treating excavated drill muds or NDD muds, especially PFAS and hydrocarbon impacted drill muds. This state-of-the-art plant provides an alternative to the landfill disposal of the NDD waste besides providing testing and compliance measures for the recovery of valuable outputs.

NDD is an excavation method that uses a combination of highly pressurised water and air to safely expose underground assets such as gas lines, water pipes, and cables. The by-product that results from this excavation, known as drill mud or NDD mud or sludge poses a challenge in terms of disposal options, especially for those customers focused on sustainable outputs.

As the generation of this waste has exponentially increased with the surge in infrastructure projects, there was a need to address this waste issue to satisfy market demand and improve project sustainability. Our plant offers scalable treatment of contaminated drill muds, with the aim to produce recovery material that can be beneficially reused, thus ensuring NDD can be safely carried out even on contaminated land.

The NDD plant provides an opportunity to completely reuse waste and effectively destroy certain contamination – with the aim that the future of NDD will be Zero Waste.

Current Treatment Capability

The SOLVE NDD Plant is EPA licenced to treat over 20 categories of complex contaminants including PFAS.

Current Approved Waste Codes

N120 (Category A, B, C and D) , T130-H, L100, L200 (to come soon)

Primary Licenced Contaminants

Heavy Metals, PAH, TPH, BaP, PFAS

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