Resource Recovery

Our state-of-the-art fixed facility – SOLVE – is one of Australia’s largest waste treatment facilities, that ensures the safe treatment of hazardous, acute and recalcitrant industrial wastes in various forms, including, solids, liquids, and slurries.

Licensed by the Victorian EPA and approved for a 24/6 operation, SOLVE commenced operations in 2019, and has established a strong reputation in the industry for the efficient treatment and recovery of hazardous wastes.

Located strategically in Altona, Victoria, an extensively industrialised area with a rich industrial heritage of over 50 years, our facility offers all-weather access and convenient on-site weighbridge facilities. We have full-height truck access from a PBS approved arterial road, and a nearby rail siding enables efficient transportation of diverse waste consignments.

SOLVE is committed to providing proven, cost-effective solutions for waste treatment, recovery, and tracking, while maintaining complete transparency throughout the process to meet all regulatory requirements. To instill confidence in our clients, we offer a performance guarantee for all accepted and treated wastes, along with destruction certificates that verify the lawful and authentic management of the products received for treatment.

Research and development are integral to our operations. We are continuously seeking partnerships to expand our services and stay at the forefront of waste management practices. Our ongoing initiatives focus on enhancing our capabilities for the treatment and energy recovery from a wide range of wastes, including hydrocarbon liquids, filter cakes, catalysts, waste fuels, and PFAS contaminated construction and demolition waste.

At SOLVE, we prioritise safety, compliance, and transparency. With cutting-edge technology, a strategic location, and a dedication to research and development, we are proud to offer sustainable and innovative waste management solutions to our valued clients.

Thermal Treatment

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NDD and Drill Mud Recycling

Material Recycling