Asbestos and Demolition

Asbestos and Demolition

We are licensed for asbestos removal and demolition across Australia. We have delivered some of Australia’s most complex, sensitive and highly regulated asbestos and demolition projects, including being directly engaged by the health and safety regulator on multiple occasions, evident of our trust across the sector.

Our ability to execute both demolition and asbestos removal ensures complete hazardous waste lifecycle tracking and material management, delivery of works to the safest possible standard and in full compliance with industry regulations and guidelines.

With more than 100 Class A licensed technicians, we are one of the most experienced and capable asbestos removal service providers for industrial and construction projects. We have safely removed and disposed over 3,000,000T of asbestos contaminated wastes as well as remediating asbestos from soils to provide sustainable reuse outcomes. We hold both non-friable and friable asbestos removal licences in all Australian states and territories.

Our demolition experience supports our asbestos and remediation projects, allowing safe management of all high-risk activities. With our in-house team of professional engineers to carry out critical calculations, staging plans and demolition methodologies, we ensure a safe and effective demolition service. Our demolition services include the safe decommissioning and removal of underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) such as underground storage tanks.

We have a deep responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of our people, clients and stakeholders. We meet this responsibility by having safe systems of work for asbestos removal and demolition, through the engagement of our people and by having a leadership driven positive safety culture.