REMEDIATION: Projects Update

July 19, 2019

REMEDIATION: Projects Update

There have been some significant steps forward with our major remediation projects in Victoria and New South Wales.

Phase 2 of the Fitzroy Gasworks remediation project in Victoria is underway. We have been demolishing buildings, removing asbestos, excavating contaminated soil and now transferring that soil to our own SOLVE facility at Altona. Throughout this project, we are committed to minimising demolition waste to landfill through our recycling policy. It’s part of our mission to create safer and healthier communities.

We are also excited to have opened our ‘Community Hub’ at the Fitzroy Gasworks, as part of our commitment to keep the community informed of what’s happening at the site. It’ll be open on the second Monday of each month from 3pm – 6pm, for the entire length of the project.

Likewise, work to clean up the old Goulburn Gasworks in New South Wales is well underway. The Gasworks began operating in 1879, its operations and waste disposal activities onsite have contaminated the local soil and groundwater extending off-site along part of the Mulwaree River foreshore.

Recently, we’ve had a number of visitors inspecting the Goulburn project including the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association and the Goulburn Council. Jemena, which owns the site, also hosted a very successful community open day. Most of the remediation work is on track to be completed by the end of the year.