Water Treatment Plant

Project Details

Client: Lendlease Building Pty Ltd (LLB)
Timeframe: 15+ months plus including operation
Location: Barangaroo, NSW
Completion: Design and construction completed in July 2017, operation ongoing

Enviropacific were engaged to design, install, commission and operate the temporary Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to treat the groundwater generated from the One Sydney Harbor project at Barangaroo, Sydney.

Feed water contains high levels of ammonia (up to 300ppm), hydrocarbons, suspended solids, metals, oils and other impurities from excavation works and groundwater which is treated to a level safe to discharge into the harbor. The WTP is designed to treat water at a flow rate of up to 12L/s and to achieve water quality in compliance to ANZECC 2000 water quality and Environmental Protection License (EPL No. 13336). The treatment technology is based on physio-chemical treatment process.


  • Effective treatment and removal of all contaminants of concerns (CoC) including suspended solids, Ammonia, heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr), Cyanide, oil and grease, TDS and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH);
  • Flow balance capacity up to 184 kL;
  • Treatment requires to meet water quality set by Environmental Protection License (EPL No. 13336);
  • Sludge removal, thickening and dewatering system to minimize offsite disposal volume;
  • Inline water quality monitoring system (WQMS) for the monitoring water quality parameters e.g. pH, Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids and Free Chlorine Concentration;
  • Fully automated system including remote monitoring via a webpage interface and alarms;
  • Secondary containment bund area built in Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC);
  • Noise level to an acceptable limit, in accordance with Environmental Protection License (EPL No. 13336).

Fully automated system with remote monitoring via web interface.



Flow balance capacity


inline water quality monitoring system