Townsville PFAS Water Treatment Plant

Project Details

Client: Confidential
Timeframe: Multiple Projects Since July 2017
Location: Townsville, QLD

Enviropacific were engaged by our client to design, construct, install, commission, operate and maintain a PFAS water treatment plant to treat ponded surface water and groundwater encountered during construction activities.

The system was designed with a capacity of up to 350kl per day and to achieve removal of high concentrations of PFAS, along with a range of co-contaminants. Our system was modular, highly mobile and was installed within a small 150m2 footprint, clear from construction works.

The system achieved removal of PFAS such that the treated water results were less than the lowest laboratory reporting limits achievable. Daily compliance samples permitted the successful discharge of the treated water. The system has since been mobilized to another client owned construction site and is treating PFAS impacted construction water from other excavations.