Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project

Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project

Enviropacific was engaged to design, construct, operate, and maintain a 10L/s capacity groundwater treatment system to facilitate construction of a second runway.

This was a significant and high profile project providing a large economic boost for the region – bringing in more tourists and offering greater export opportunities for local producers.

The water treatment system was designed, installed and commissioned within two months, ensuring there were no delays to construction activities.

The effectiveness of the system’s design and operation meant that the strict discharge criteria was achieved throughout the project’s lifetime, with up to 100ML of PFAS impacted groundwater being treated. 

The achievement ensured strict adherence was maintained to the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan to protect marine and freshwater wildlife.

The system treatment train included clarification, chemical addition and mediation filtration to achieve the water discharge criteria.   Sludge that was generated in the process was further treated to reduce sludge disposal costs.


  • Efficient treatment and disposal of PFAS impacted groundwater
  • Consistent achievement of strict discharge criteria maintaining quality control
  • 24/7 operational capability
  • Effective operation and maintenance allowing for the construction of a second runway
John Holland Group
Commenced October 2019, ongoing
Sunshine Coast Airport, Marcoola, QLD
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