Remediating Contaminated Groundwater

Remediating Contaminated Groundwater

Our team has engineered the Type 1.1 Water Treatment Plant at the Lawrence Dry Cleaners site in Waterloo, specifically for the remediation of contaminated groundwater. Equipped with an dissolved air flotation, breakpoint chlorination process and filter container, this facility has a treatment capacity of 2 liters per second (approximately 173 kiloliters per day).

The treatment plant processes groundwater and rainfall affected by pollutants within the remediation area. The purified water is discharged to sewer as per the trade waste consent standards set by Sydney Water.

Notably, during proof of performance testing, the Plant reduced the total suspended solids from 1120 mg/L to <5 mg/L and met all other performance requirements too.


  • 2 L/s mobile water treatment plant
  • Sydney Water trade waste compliant water
  • Motor Control Center panel with remote monitoring
  • Automatic filter backwashing
  • Automatic polymer batching unit
  • Automatic and optimised chemical dosing
  • Online water quality monitoring including pH, turbidity, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and free Chlorine
1-2 Years
Waterloo, NSW
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