RAAF Scherger DFTP – DFI(A)

RAAF Scherger DFTP – DFI(A)

Defence Fuel Installation for Aviation (DFI(A))

The RAAF Scherger risk reduction project, part of the Defence Fuel Transformation Program (DFTP), was to ensure safer operation during AVTUR fuel offloading and dispensing activities within the Defence Fuel Installation for Aviation (DFI(A)). The project was completed within the agreed timeframe despite facing the challenges of a remote location in Far North Queensland, seasonal monsoons and material transportation.

The project was carried out with no incidents and considered a success by all stakeholders, with the following reported in the DFTP internal newsletter:

“First site works completed!

The Program reached a significant milestone last month with the first risk reduction construction project completed at RAAF Scherger, and weeks ahead of schedule! Delivered by Enviropacific.”

The success of the project was a result of:

  • A focus on planning and organisation of materials ensuring all equipment was approved and catered for before sending them to site.
  • Development of a construction methodology that enabled as much pre-fabrication as required to minimise the time on site.
  • Close coordination with the Defence operator to minimise shutdown time and maintain capability of fuel supply in a live environment.
  • Utilisation of competent local service providers, making it possible for fabricated items to be installed in difficult and tight spaces.

Project Summary

  • Installation of a new 1000L waste tank with a DN50 SS316 vent.
  • Installation of new 20OD and 25OD tubing and sight glasses within the 5 offloading/dispensing skids.
  • Installation of 3off DN100 SS316 vents, through the existing gantry structure at ~9m tall. Including a weld tie in into a common AVTUR drain (flammable).
  • Installation of pipe supports and bracing for the vents.
  • Spool modification, testing and installation within confined space area
  • Installation of new earthing stakes and connections to the existing grid and new construction items, including update of the Hazardous Area dossier.
September 2020 - March 2021
Weipa, Queensland
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