RAAF Base Edinburgh PFAS Remediation

RAAF Base Edinburgh PFAS Remediation

The Department of Defence (Australia) contracted Enviropacific to manage the removal of PFAS impacted groundwater at RAAF Edinburgh in South Australia. The source of the impacted groundwater originated from the Fire Training Area onsite.

Enviropacific designed a water treatment system to operate 24/7 remotely.  The plant was constructed without interrupting the critical role the RAAF Base provides to the defence of Australia.

Impacted groundwater is extracted via a series of extraction wells which transfers the contaminated water to our treatment plant. The process consists of various pre-treatment steps prior to selective multi-media filtration to reduce the PFAS concentration to levels below the Australian drinking water guidelines. The treated water is then re-injected into the same aquifer.


  • Constructed with minimal disruption to base operations
  • Fully automated to maximise system uptime and achieve value for money
  • Mass reduction to below Australia Drinking Water guidelines


Department of Defence


3 years (with an option to extend)


RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA


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