PFAS Water Treatment Plant – APAM

PFAS Water Treatment Plant – APAM

Enviropacific was engaged to design, construct and operate a PFAS water treatment plant to treat rainwater runoff from its 365,000m2 PFAS soil storage facility.

In building the state-of-the-art water treatment plant, we designed and constructed three tipping bays with a total holding capacity of 300m3 as the initial solids/water separation step.

Internal swales, drying pans and an interconnected pumping system for the management and transfer of water and impacted sludges from across the site were built.

Significantly, we set up a 100KW solar and battery plant to power the system completely off grid.

Enviropacific ensured that all treated PFAS impacted water and slurry met tough Australian Health Guidelines Guidelines, enabling the material to be reused on site, with the surplus safe for discharge.

The water treatment and power systems were able to be operated remotely resulting in additional and significant time and cost savings.


  • Solar Powered Water Treatment Plant
  • Treated 460,000 cubic metres of water and slurry
  • Remote connectivity for operation maintenance and control 
  • Reusing waste and reducing cost

APAM – Australia Pacific Airports - Melbourne
Commenced October 2019, (duration 12 months)
Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
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