Pesticide Manufacturing Facility Remediation

Project Details

Client: Orica
Timeframe: 3 years
Location: Villawood, NSW

Located 25 kilometres from Sydney CBD, the Villawood project involved remediation of a 13-hectare former pesticide manufacturing facility. Enviropacific were engaged by Orica as the principal contractor to complete the first step in the redevelopment of the legacy site, as part of a NSW EPA Remediation Order.

Enviropacific treated 37,000t of impacted material using a combination of bulk excavation and ex-situ thermal treatment including the construction, commissioning and operation of a Directly-heated Thermal Desorption Unit (DTDU). This treatment processing unit had the capacity to treat 20t of contaminated material per hour and operated continuously.

A Feed Soil Building and associated Emission Control System (ECS) allowed contaminated material to be pre-treated within a managed enclosure and minimise fugitive emissions. EPA Emissions Criteria compliance was met by eleven stack tests completed during the project.

Two water treatment plants were constructed onsite to process contaminated water including the construction of four ponds which provided 4 ML of onsite storage. Targeted and ambient air monitoring had also been carried out to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Although the project was technically challenging we were able to draw on Enviropacific resources to undertake stormwater treatment, construct and operate an emission control system to capture vapour and dust emissions from the contaminated soil pre-treatment works, and monitor air quality.

Richard Giles, Project Manager



impacted material treated

2 Water Treatment Plants

constructed onsite

4 ponds

providing 4 ML onsite storage