Oakey PFAS Treatment Facility

Project Details

Client: Confidential
Timeframe: October 2017 – Ongoing
Location: Oakey, QLD

At a site in Oakey in Southern Queensland, PFAS impacted soils and groundwater were encountered during Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) and bulk excavation works being undertaken as part of a larger construction. As a result, Enviropacific were engaged to design and operate a PFAS treatment and waste facility to accept and treat PFAS impacted soils, water and sludge.

The PFAS impacted soils are transported from the construction area to a concrete pad. An associated lined pond accepts NDD sludge and runoff from the concrete pad. The soil and sludge material are segregated into low, medium and highly impacted soil stockpiles based on material classification of the materials. The PFAS impacted soils are then stabilised and treated by our soil recycler using specialist reagents. This reduces the leachability of PFAS constituents to concentrations that allow re-use or disposal.

The sludge and any runoff from the soil treatment area is directed to our PFAS water treatment plant for processing, with the treated water achieving a discharge quality that enables re-use onsite for dust suppression and/or irrigation. To date, we have successfully treated almost half a million litres of PFAS impacted water and 5,000 tonnes of PFAS impacted solids.