NorthConnex Water Treatment Plant

Project Details

Client: Lendlease Bouygues Joint Venture
Timeframe: 2 years Operation and Maintenance
Location: Pennant Hills, NSW

The NorthConnex tunnel project in Sydney is a major infrastructure development lead by a joint venture of Lendlease and Bouygues (LLBJV). Enviropacific have been engaged throughout the project to deliver multiple tunnel de-watering water treatment plants. Our water treatment plants keep the tunnels dry, facilitating ongoing construction.

Following the successful delivery of stage one, including four water treatment plants at the tunnel access points, Enviropacific were again engaged by the LLBJV to design, install, commission and operate a further water treatment plant for the second stage of works.

Our specialist in-house design and engineering team successfully implemented the water treatment plants, with the initial systems treating up to 50,000 litres per hour (50m3/hour). More recently, the successfully commissioned stage two plant treats 120,000 litres of tunnelling water per hour. Our physio-chemical treatment process removes solid and chemical contaminants from the water prior to it being discharged under license into the local stormwater and creek system.

We assisted our client in achieving sustainability targets as a portion of the treated water is recovered and recycled on-site for dust suppression, landscaping and sweepers. The solids removed during the water treatment process are further refined and classified for disposal from site.

Enviropacific are proud to be delivering a sophisticated, fully automated water solution to one of Sydney’s major infrastructure projects, helping to relieve traffic congestion.



Tunnelling water treated per hour