Mary Valley Highway Service Centre

Project Details

Year: 2017
Location: Mary Valley, QLD

The Mary Valley has played an integral part of Southeast Queensland’s history. From the bounty it provided the local indigenous people via fruitful Bunya Trees, to opening the door to gold mining and tourism, the development of the cattle, farming and forestry industries.

Throughout it all; the valley has consistently flooded, facilitating the reset and rebirth of the region many times over. From this historical perspective the service centre site has been placed on high ground where it can provide a secure base for locals and stranded travellers, while serving as a ‘Beacon on the Hill’ for those travelling through.

The site features a large hill with visibility in both directions down the highway. This provides a unique opportunity to present the highway service centre as a beacon, while providing additional site area for onsite stormwater detention and other opportunities to provide relief to travellers and the community in flooding events.

Drawing upon many of the rich visual agricultural roots of the region, the services centre was inspired by the fence posts stung with barbwire and bold forms jutting out of the green landscape. The region is also known for its stunning natural beauty. Tin Can Bay and the steep cliffs of Rainbow Beach serves as inspiration for the form of the building rising up from the site.