Managing Contamination at Former Oil Processing Site

Managing Contamination at Former Oil Processing Site

Enviropacific has been engaged by Property and Development NSW to undertake the management of site rainwater; remediate and demolish the above ground structures (tanks and buildings) and other waste storage; and investigate the underground site conditions, including soil and groundwater contamination at the former Truegain waste oil processing site at Rutherford.

The NSW Government has stepped in to resolve the long-term environmental issues at the former Truegain waste oil processing site at Rutherford after compulsorily acquiring the land from its bankrupted former owner who failed to clean up the site. Property and Development NSW’s (PDNSW) Environmental Service Group is leading and managing the clean-up of the property due to its expertise in remediating contaminated land. PDNSW’s aim is to ensure the soil and groundwater surrounding the site is clean and does not pose community or environmental risks.

Stage one of remediation works have started. This involves construction, commissioning and operation of an onsite water treatment plant to manage stormwater within the bunded storage areas; dispose waste currently stored on site; remove all above-ground infrastructure; and investigate potential soil and groundwater impacts. These works are expected to take 12 months and be completed in 2023.

A detailed remediation action plan for stage two of the works, which may involve soil and groundwater remediation, will be prepared once the further investigations during stage one are complete. PDNSW and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) will continue to work together throughout the clean-up and remediation of the site to return it to a safe condition, fit for industrial zoning.

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