Lemon Springs Remediation

Lemon Springs Remediation

Illegal dump site south of Kaniva

EPA Victoria December 2021 Project Update

Clean-up of the illegal waste dumping site in Lemon Springs, far west Victoria, is well underway.

Site remediation works are progressing well, with approximately 570 tonnes of waste removed, classified on-site, and transported offsite to an appropriately EPA licensed facility for disposal. Two waste burial locations have now been completed, with works progressing in other dumpsites.

Additional Investigation works to ensure the waste burial locations are located and remediated, allowing quantification of the buried waste volumes. Groundwater investigations continuing, with additional targeted bores installed.

Why the site is being cleaned up

In late March, the EPA announced it had charged the site owner with 118 offences under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

The charges allege that the individual permitted the transport and burial of various types of industrial waste at his rural premises at Lemon Springs. The authorities further allege that this unlawful dumping created an environmental hazard and polluted both land and water on the site, amongst other matters. The matters are now before the court.

We are working closely with EPA Victoria and the West Wimmera Shire Council to remediate the property, which has several ‘sites of interest’ where it is anticipated that up to 2,500 cubic meters of solid and liquid chemical waste are suspected of having been buried.

Enviropacific Team at Lemon Springs Remediation
Enviropacific Team, cleaning up an illegal dump site south of Kaniva June 2021.

How are we completing the work?

Our team and specialist contractors are systematically removing the dumped hazardous waste from each on-site location, with ex-situ waste characterizing, allowing each vessel to be transported and treated offsite according to EPA legislation.

What health and safety measures we are implementing?

The team’s safety is of utmost importance, with stringent safety controls in place throughout the removal and disposal process. Works are being undertaken following the site-specific work procedures to reduce the risk to our personnel and the environment.

Outcomes of the Remediation Process

The remediation process through the removal of the dumped hazardous waste will benefit the surrounding community while removing the potential risk to the underlying groundwater.

Results from extensive groundwater testing

Groundwater monitoring completed on the existing groundwater network indicates that the dumped waste has not caused groundwater contamination. Targeted additional monitoring bores will be installed across the site as part of the remedial process.

Official project updates

The EPA has conducted thorough investigations of the site, and details of the investigations can be found on the official project noticeboard https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/lemonsprings.

Lemon Springs Remediation update from EPA Victoria August 2021
Lemon Springs Remediation update from EPA Victoria October 2021
Kaniva VIC illegal dump clean up
Kaniva VIC illegal dump clean up
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