Industrial Warehouse Fire Clean-Up

Industrial Warehouse Fire Clean-Up

Following a chemical fire at an industrial warehouse, Enviropacific undertook the clean-up with the safe removal and disposal of dangerous goods and hazardous fire residue sludges.

Due to the asbestos cement sheet roofing being fire-damaged, all works were performed under Class A friable asbestos conditions. The sludges contained a complex mixture of chemicals comingled with asbestos and were transported for fixation at a purpose-built offsite facility, before being safely disposed to a licensed landfill.

Industrial Fire clean-up

Due to the presence of unknown dangerous goods and flammable materials, there remained significant ongoing potential for further fires or explosions to occur. Enviropacific implemented extensive fire controls, including installation of a fire main around the perimeter of the site which was designed and constructed in consultation with Fire Rescue Victoria.

The scope of works comprised several key phases, including:

  • Preliminary investigation works and sampling
  • Detailed risk assessment and planning
  • Site establishment including infrastructure, hazard controls, occupational and environmental monitoring
  • Removal of the remaining asbestos roofing
  • Demolition of the remaining fire damaged structures
  • Hazardous waste sampling, identification, categorization, processing, transport, treatment and disposal
  • Construction of an onsite Water Treatment Plant
  • Encapsulation of asbestos impacted aerosol waste


  • Over 4,700 tonnes of sludges and other dangerous goods safely treated and disposed
  • 700 tonnes of asbestos and asbestos impacted waste safely removed
  • Onsite treatment of 2,000,000 litres of contaminated stormwater with discharge under a trade waste agreement

16 Months
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