Gippsland Bushfire Zone Clean Up

Gippsland Bushfire Zone Clean Up

Enviropacific was engaged by Grocon to undertake remediation works of properties affected in the 2019 -2020 summer bushfires across East Gippsland.

Enviropacific utilised six Class A friable asbestos crews with six individual Class A Asbestos Supervisors. Despite community sensitivity and an unprecedented regulatory presence, Enviropacific was a major contributor to the fastest bushfire cleanup in recent history.

Our team cleared over 120 properties and disposed of over 12,000 tonnes of friable asbestos bushfire waste to landfill, often from areas that had difficult site access and limited cellular reception. Specialist equipment was required, including demo-rated excavators, 10T fully articulating cab dump trucks, and hydraulic grabs.

Just over 30,000 man-hours were completed on the project injury-free, including 30% local industry participation.

The level of community engagement was high, with Enviropacific lending a hand wherever possible. The photo below shows an elderly man in Sarsfield who wanted to look through the remains of his home but was unable as the area was deemed as an asbestos zone and he was too frail to search through the remains. The team arranged for him to have an iPad connected to an asbestos supervisor’s phone so that he could watch the asbestos crew safely search through the remains of his home from outside the asbestos zone.

Home owner awaits the remains of his house

In Mallacoota, Enviropacific searched through one home remains for over two hours to find the owners fathers’ war
medals. The Mallacoota crew also discovered old coins, pottery and countless other special pieces for homeowners. The Mallacoota crews also dedicated time on a Sunday to act as handymen for a number of the elderly residents who needed odd tasks completed around the community.

Project Summary:

  • Over 120 properties cleared for owners to start rebuilding
  • 45+ WorkSafe inspections
  • 12,000 tonnes of friable asbestos bushfire waste removed from properties
  • 1000’s of tonnes of scrap metal recovered and sale proceeds put into bushfire victims fund
  • 30,000 injury free man-hours

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3.5 Months
East Gippsland, VIC
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