Fuel Facility Tank Replacement

Project Details

Client: Viva Energy, Australia
Timeframe: 15 weeks
Location: Armadale, WA

Enviropacific was engaged by Viva Energy to undertake the replacement of the underground fuel infrastructure, removal and decommissioning of existing underground fuel tanks at the Shell Service Station in Armadale, WA.

New fuel infrastructure, replacement site pavement and stormwater drainage were installed, which included construction of a new limestone retaining wall in preparation for subdivision works.


  • Demolition of existing Canopy (deconstructed canopy and footings);
  • Decommissioning and removal of four underground storage tanks; new Installation; 2 x 90KL UST and 1 x 20,000 litre SPEL Puraceptor including installation of S200K strip drains; Installation of new pipework, including VR 1 and future VR2; Installation of forecourt drainage;
  • Completed new sewer connection and upgrades; after the removal of site septic system;
  • Installation of new fuel electrics and switchboard;
  • Reinstatement of concrete pavement including asphalt and kerb and landscaping of site on completion;
  • Installation and commissioning of 4 x 8 hose dispensers;
  • Subdivided the existing block into two lots.

New fuel infrastructure, replacement site pavement and stormwater drainage installed.



Underground storage tanks decommissioned and removed


2 installed

20,000L SPEL

Pureaceptor installed