Former Millers Point Gasworks Remediation

Former Millers Point Gasworks Remediation

Barangaroo, located on the western foreshore of Sydney’s CBD, is the area of the former Millers Point Gasworks. The Barangaroo Precinct covers a 22-hectare parcel of land, of which Lendlease is developing 7.5-hectares creating a mixture of commercial, retail, residential, cultural and civic facilities.

Legacy contamination issues on the site primarily consisted of Coal Tar or Separate Phase Gasworks Waste and Tar and uncontrolled fill materials, including asbestos.

In 2009, the NSW EPA declared the former Gasworks and adjoining Hickson Rd to be a Remediation Site. Infrastructure NSW (formerly the Barangaroo Deliver Authority) has been managing the remediation on behalf of the NSW Government.

Enviropacific has been involved on the Barangaroo site since 2013. The scope of work that we have undertaken includes remediation planning and design, feasibility, full-scale Gasworks remediation, ground engineering, spoil management. In October 2019, the NSW EPA Contaminated Land Site Auditor issued a Site Audit Statement – a major step towards the site’s future use as an exciting new precinct in Sydney’s CBD.


  • Legacy contamination issues from the historic Millers Point gasworks
  • On-site remediation works since 2013
  • Unlocking contaminated land to create exciting new public precinct for Sydney
Lendlease, Barangaroo Development Authority PCDJV
6 years
Barangaroo, NSW
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