Former Lead Smelter Remediation

Former Lead Smelter Remediation

The Alexandria and the Green Square urban precinct are of Sydney’s fastest growing communities.

With industry making way for new modern living and amenity, the safe closure and remediation of a former lead smelter is currently being delivered by Enviropacific.  Historical refining and recycling of lead batteries at the site had resulted in elevated concentrations of lead present within the factory buildings and within the subsurface soils at the site.

Enviropacific was engaged as principal contractor to perform the comprehensive demolition and remediation of the smelter and play a vital role toward achieving the site audit statement for the future beneficial use of the site.

Prior to demolition, Enviropacific completed rigorous decontamination of the buildings, removing    accumulated lead dust under strict high-risk work conditions. We removed other hazardous materials including asbestos sheeting and friable lagging products.

As part of our innovative remedial methodology Enviropacific established our mobile soil recycler to effectively treat the lead impacted material.  


  • Extensive decontamination followed by demolition of the 6,000m2 smelter facility
  • Bulk earthworks and remediation of 19,000m³
  • Site specific treatment of 5,000m³ of hazardous lead contaminated soils
  • Offsite disposal of soils considered not suitable for the sites proposed future use
Australian Refined Alloys
1.5 years
Alexandria, NSW
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