Former Fitzroy Gasworks Site Remediation

Former Fitzroy Gasworks Site Remediation

The former Fitzroy Gasworks site had a long industrial history and required remediation. Since Phase One of the remediation began in 2018, the Former Fitzroy Gasworks Site has reached a significant milestone and is now remediated to suitable Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) standards.


Built-in 1859, the Fitzroy Gasworks was a key supplier of gas to the Melbourne area, until production ceased in 1927, with the site remaining operational as a workshop and gas storage facility until the 1970s. The site was redeveloped into its current layout in the early 1980s.

To ensure the site is clean and safe for future development, the EPA issued a clean-up notice. The State Government appointed Enviropacific to remediate the site.

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Remediation of the former Fitzroy Gasworks involved a range of activities on-site to achieve the statement of environmental audit. This audit determines that the site is suitable for future development. This audit is in the process of being completed by the independent EPA environmental auditor.

Remediation activities achieved the following outcomes:

  • Soil quality being suitable for development
  • Groundwater quality being suitable for development
  • Mitigation measures determined to manage residual soil vapour and
  • Protection of the existing community and future residents that may one day live on the site.


Now that the site has been remediated, Development Victoria will begin to transform the site into a thriving new precinct, with a range of affordable and sustainable homes, a new sports centre that will complement the new Wurun Secondary Campus and public spaces for everyone to enjoy. Fitzroy Gasworks will set a new benchmark for urban renewal and affordable and sustainable living in one of Melbourne’s most historic and established suburbs.

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