Former Bacchus Marsh Gasworks Remediation

Former Bacchus Marsh Gasworks Remediation

Enviropacific has been involved in a SEAR (Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation) project at the site of the old Bacchus Marsh Gasworks, about 50 kilometres north west of Melbourne. The scope includes treating both the contaminated groundwater and toxic vapour. Ultimately, the area will become a Public Parks and Recreation Planning Zone [PPRZ]

Enviropacific set up a mobile treatment plant. The remediation system connects a series of wells containing contaminated water and vapour. Initially the process separates the extracted mixture into a liquid and gas stream, and each stream is treated independently.

The Mobile Water Treatment System (MWTS) removes any residual hydrocarbons using a series of filtration beds.

Water from the MWTS is then used within the chemical injection system (CIS) – minimising water usage for the project. The water is mixed with a surfactant and reinjected into the well network to help in the removal of more contaminants, ensuring maximum and safe reuse.


  • Treating contaminated liquid and vapours
  • Using a mobile water treatment system
  • Water reuse minimises the need for additional water usage on the project
Department of Treasury and Finance
8 months
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
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