Defence Fuel Maintenance

Defence Fuel Maintenance

The Enviropacific Fuel Facilities team has been successfully delivering scheduled and reactive maintenance programs, including aviation fuel facilities, throughout Queensland for the past nine years.

Facilities include RAAF Scherger, HMAS Cairns, numerous bases in the Townsville region, RAAF Amberley, Oakey and Enogera. We work to support the EMOS Agent to deliver consistent value to Defence and maintain key performance indicators.

In addition to the regular maintenance works, Enviropacific has completed several refurbishment, replacements and major maintenance projects and programs. The DFI(A) site at RAAF Base Scherger had a refurbishment of existing underground storage tanks in 2018/2019 period, to the value of $1.8 million. The works were completed on time and on budget without variations or incident.

Larger projects completed for Defence include:

  • Replacement of carbon steel valves – RAAF Base Scherger
  • Replacement of tank inlet and outlet valves – RAAF Base Townsville Fuel Farm 2
  • Tank Refurbishment – RAAF Base Townsville
  • Tank Refurbishment – RAAF Base Amberley
  • Pipeline testing (C17) – RAAF Base Townsville
  • Pipeline testing (C17) – RAAF Base Amberley
  • Asset Validation – RAAF Base Scherger, RAAF Base


  • Estate Maintenance and Operation Support
  • Fuel Facilities services to Defence in Queensland for more than nine years
  • Delivering consistent value and maintaining KPIs
2011 – ongoing
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