Dam Stabilisation and Remediation – APAM

Dam Stabilisation and Remediation – APAM

Enviropacific was engaged by Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) for civil rehabilitation works at the Arundel Creek dams. This was Enviropacific’s third major environmental project for APAM following the contracts for two on-site water treatment plants to manage and remove PFAS and other contamination from the airport estate.

The Arundel Creek Dams project involved a civil design and construct contract, focussed on rehabilitation of two dams on Arundel Creek.

In recent years, the wall of Arundel Dam South has significantly deteriorated in condition, and Arundel Dam North was equally starting to degrade. Enviropacific undertook the safe lowering of the existing dam walls, appropriate management of PFAS contaminated sediment within the Dams, and return of this section of creek to a free-flowing system.

The site contains several environmentally significant areas, falling within a Commonwealth protected grassland, as well as habitat for the protected Growling Grass Frog.


  • Design and submission for construction permits, detailed risk assessment and planning
  • Site establishment including infrastructure and risk controls
  • Initiative to reuse rock excavated from the civil works, in the construction of the new spillways.
  • Digging and civil works in PFAS Contaminated soils and water
  • Controls to preserve the frog habitat including avoiding works during breeding season
  • Careful staging of plant movements and stockpiling locations on site to limit impact to Commonwealth protected grasslands

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