CFA Bangholme Temporary Water Treatment Plant (TWTP)

Project Details

Client: Country Fire Authority (CFA)
Timeframe: 1 Year (with additional optional 2 years term)
Location: Bangholme, Victoria
Value: $1 Million

The Bangholme Training Campus is CFA’s largest operational training ground, operating up to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, training Victoria Police, State Emergency Services (SES) and CFA for search and rescue, and fire-fighting activities.

Enviropacific were engaged to design & construct, commission, operate & maintain a water treatment system to treat site surface water impacted with PFAS, dissolved and suspended solids, metals and organics for reuse as fire-training water or disposal of excess water through trade waste system. The treatment method is a physiochemical process with pH correction, flocculant dosing & clarification for suspended solids reduction and multiple media filtration stages to remove high level of PFAS, metals and organics from the water stream to comply with Australian drinking water guidelines.

Summary / Aims:

  • Process 50,000 litres of Untreated Water per day
  • Remove high level of PFAS and other contaminants to comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Operate & Maintain the WTP and associated infrastructure for 1 (one) year and additional optional 2 (two) years period