Former Service Station Demolition and Decommissioning

Former Service Station Demolition and Decommissioning

Enviropacific was engaged by AECOM to undertake the decommissioning, demolition, and remediation of a former Caltex Service Station located in Islington, Newcastle.

The scope of works for the project was to decommission, perform the demolition and remediate the site. This included the decommissioning and isolation of all the site services and tiger tail installation on all overhead wires. Local Enviropacific teams then safely demolished and disposed of the lead impacted retail outlet, workshop, and service station canopy.

removal of contaminated soil
removal of contaminated soil

Underground storage tanks were safely removed from unstable floodplain sands, this was performed by installing 72 linear meters of temporary sheet piles. The tanks themselves had all liquid removed, and were thoroughly cleaned before being demolished and recycled.

Installing sheet piling
Installing sheet piling

A total of 884 tonnes of contaminated soil was safely removed from the site, as well as the removal and recycling of over 420 tonnes of concrete hardstand. The site was then reinstated with 1745 tonnes of clean soil (VENM).

Removal of an underground storage tank
Removal of an underground storage tank

With the site located on a major road in Newcastle, a number of logistical challenges were overcome throughout the project. Project teams successfully executed extensive traffic management and safely worked around powerlines and underground services.

Sheet piling installed
Sheet piling installed

This decommissioning, demolition, and remediation project was delivered within the required timeframes specified by the client and to the high safety standard Enviropacific prides itself on.


  • Decommissioning and isolation of all services, tiger tail installation on all overhead wires
  • Demolition and disposal of lead impacted retail outlet, workshop, and canopy
  • Temporary Installation of 72 linear meters of 8m sheet piles for the removal of underground storage tanks in unstable floodplain sands
  • Liquid removal, washout, destruction, and recycling of 6 below ground UPSS and associated bowsers and fuel infrastructure including ULP 27.8KL, ULP 17.8KL, Diesel 13.6KL (foam filled), ULP 55KL, and Diesel 13.6KL.
  • Excavation, cartage, and disposal of 884 tonnes of contaminated soil
  • Removal and recycling of 420 tonne concrete hardstand
  • Import of 1745 tonnes of VENM, backfilling, and site leveling
  • Installation of a specialised tackifier to the site surface prior to demobilisation to prevent dust generation

Enviropacific is licensed to undertake demolition and management work in the majority of Australian states and territories.

As part of our commitment to enhancing environments, Enviropacific ensures that waste from individual demolition sites is sent to an appropriate facility. Waste is sorted into recyclable materials for reuse or for further remediation treatment and disposal.

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