Brisbane Food Processing Facility

Project Details

Year: 2013
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Status: In Progress

Forming the basis of a presentation to an international consortium, our client required a developed, high level concept design. This included critical massing, detailed site planning and partial tectonic resolution of a proposed state of the art food production facility. This would be the flagship facility in Australia and also serve as the national head office.

With the briefing package inclusive of just a basic site plan, Cadway were to develop and illustrate a strategic approach for both complex internal production operations and vehicular management. This would facilitate high volume staff parking, public parking and truck egress for loading, unloading, and minor truck maintenance. The significant scale of the production and distribution wings were broken down with bands of various tones of blue insulated panels. Translucent metal screening further veiled the less aesthetic, yet highly functional, contents of the truck gantries.

With an extremely short time frame (of just a fortnight) from scope commencement to completion, the Cadway design and illustration teams worked seamlessly around the clock to deliver this well resolved and clearly articulated presentation, impressing both client and stakeholders alike.