BP Ballina Highway Service Centre

Project Details

Timeframe: Currently under construction
Location: Ballina, NSW

The BP Ballina Highway Service Centre was designed to tell the story of regional connection in conjunction with, and while reflecting, the values of Ballina Shire Council. Cadway’s work was instrumental in BP winning the design tender for this innovative project. Since that successful Tender, Cadway has completed the DA Submission for the centre and will document the project through construction.

Modern forms and international styling are utilised to form an entry statement for visitors approaching the site from the south with the exterior architecture of the centre inspired by the natural curves and flow of the local rivers. The feature ‘forest columns’ take the form of mangroves to differentiate and draw interest to the community cultural area which is another centrepiece of the design.

The outdoor community cultural area will incorporate busking regional performers and showcase locally produced works of art. This interactive space will provide small retailers the opportunity to exhibit their wares and compliment the interior displays for tourism, geography, local culture and the environment. The outdoor area will also feature a wheelchair accessible raised stage and interactive chalk boards for children’s play. Removable walls will also allow the area to transform when art exhibitions are to be displayed.

The centre’s interior design seamlessly integrates retail, dining and lounge spaces while showcasing the tourist information and feature displays in a central, highly visible area. Incorporating varied ceiling heights and partitions give the centre efficient circulation with easy access to shared amenities such as toilets, baby change rooms, telephone, postal kiosk and ATM. The dining area features modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi and a mobile device charging area.