Borneo Barracks Interim DFI(G)

Borneo Barracks Interim DFI(G)

Defence Fuel Installation – Ground (DFI[G])

The purpose of the interim Defence Fuel Installation – Ground (DFI[G]) facility at Borneo Barracks in Cabarlah, Queensland, is to provide a temporary diesel fuel solution for light vehicles until the construction of a permanent DFI(G) as part of the Defence Fuel Transformation Program (DFTP) Tranche 2 works.

Defence Fuel Installation (G) – Interim

The project consisted of site modifications to the existing civil infrastructure to enable the landing of the new above ground tank system inclusive of construction of new footings; construction and lining of a new bunded area and drainage system to tie into the existing system; installation of new underground electrical conduit and cabling and modifications to the existing distribution board on-site; and site installation and commissioning of a new 44kL self-bunded storage tank and dispensing system.

Enviropacific was engaged to manage the construction of the project inclusive of procurement of all materials; provision of quality documentation; management and coordination of civil, plumbing and tank sub-contractors; provision of on-site mechanical and electrical labour; and testing, commissioning, end-user training and submission of Hand Over Take Over (HOTO) documentation to the client.



  • Concrete modifications and installations for tank installation.
  • Installation of new electrical cabling and conduit to power installation.
  • Installation and modification of drainage system for environmental management and protection.
  • Fabrication of a self-bunded above ground containerised storage tank with integral fuel offloading and dispensing capabilities.
  • Management and coordination of system testing, commissioning and user training.
  • Provision of HOTO documentation.
February 2020 – October 2020
Cabarlah, Queensland
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