Bendigo Gasworks

Bendigo Gasworks

Remediation in sensitive and protected environments

Enviropacific has been delivering on the remediation of a historic former gasworks at Bendigo in Victoria.

The former Bendigo Gasworks operated from 1860 to 1973. The site has generally remained unchanged since 1973, with the exception of a tram depot which was established in the northern section of the site in the mid-1980s. 

The delicate nature of the project – surrounded by heritage structures and tree protection zones – means that there has been extensive planning and preparation.


The project involves a series of complex tasks including, dismantling a purifier shed, removal of excavated 6,000 tonnes of Cat A, Cat B and Cat C material for treatment, backfilling works, and the removal of over 100T of asbestos soil.

The City of Greater Bendigo is looking at a number of options for the site including new pedestrian/cycle path links across the creek to Lake Weeroona, an interpretive trail, a new plaza for events, markets and site interpretation, an event space in the heart of the site, new lighting and other services, conservation of heritage buildings, new vehicle access and parking and landscaping.


  • 5800T Cat A, Cat B, Cat C material excavated, removed and treated
  • Dewatering of Gasholder 2 to sewer as per Trade Waste Agreement to level of 204 AHD
  • Maintain strict environmental controls to protect heritage structures and the local environment.

Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria
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