Amberley PFAS Water Treatment Plants

Project Details

Client: Confidential
Timeframe: May 2017 – Ongoing
Location: Amberley, QLD

Enviropacific were engaged by our client to undertake remediation of a redundant fuel farm. As part of an urgent need for an onsite water treatment system we were able to rapidly design, construct, install, commission, operate and maintain a PFAS water treatment plant. The plant was also designed to treat co-mingled hydrocarbon contamination in the ground and surface waters.

Following the success of our initial plant at the site, additional modular PFAS water treatment plants of varying scales, have been deployed and operated elsewhere. dealing with supernatant from non-destructive digging waste and other PFAS impacted waters generated onsite during construction activities. The treated water, which was treated to less than laboratory lower reporting limit levels was then available for either surface irrigation or for dust suppression onsite. The solid waste streams were collected, refined and sampled prior to re-use or licensed disposal.