Novatron: Australia’s Leader in Water Filtration and Desalination

Novatron Australia is a leader in designing and manufacturing water desalination plants and water treatment equipment. We draw upon the latest technologies – including reverse osmosis membranes and nanofiltration – to provide Australian homes and businesses with cleaner water systems. Thanks to our expertise and specialised equipment, potable water is increasingly easy to come by in Australia’s more arid regions.

We’re headquartered in Forrestfield, just a few kilometres southwest of Perth, Western Australia. Access to water treatment has long been an issue in this part of the country, with farmers requiring irrigation solutions in some areas, and homeowners eager to incorporate more sustainable water treatment practices into their day-to-day lives.

This demand for clean, sustainable water treatment has allowed us to build significant experience in all things related to water filtration. Over the past 20 years, we have installed hundreds of clean water systems in Perth and the surrounding parts of Western Australia. You simply will not find a more experienced team for water treatment in Perth.

Novatron leverage the latest technologies in water purification, desalinisation and filtration.

We may have begun operations two decades ago, but our team strives to stay up to date with the latest developments in water filtration and desalinisation. Over the years, our knowledge and capabilities have grown – and we treat each new project as an opportunity to expand our skills and experiences even further.

Reverse osmosis is a filtration technique that has been used for decades, and our team know these systems forwards and backwards. With reverse osmosis, dissolved salts and other impurities are removed from water solutions – leaving clean, purified, potable water behind.

In more recent years, nanofiltration systems have come on the scene. This approach to clean water is particularly useful for creating clean drinking water. In these systems, a nanofiltration membrane removes microscopic organic substances such as multivalent ions and micro-pollutants from the water. This approach is most often used with low total dissolved solids (TDS) water sources, such as groundwater and surface water.

We primarily focus on supplying our clients with equipment. However, we can also provide routine service and maintenance. Even if you purchased your water filtration system through one of our competitors, we are still happy to help. Our vast industry experience means that we’re able to work on and even improve any and all water purification systems in Australia and beyond.

Clean water is essential to human life and prosperity, but it’s also intrinsically linked to the health of our planet. If you’re exploring sustainable alternatives for your water systems, we are the team to turn to. Our service area is growing, too. In addition to servicing Western Australia, we’re also active across the rest of the country – and we have even installed water filtration plants in South East Asia.