PFAS Remediation

Enviropacific has unrivalled experience in managing the full suite of Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) impacted waste streams, ranging from soils and sludges to surface water, ground water, industrial waste water and leachate.

Our dedicated applied science and engineering teams have been successfully treating PFAS impacted waste streams since 2013 using a range of technologies:

  • Sludge dewatering which significantly reduces the volume of waste to be managed, resulting in significant cost savings for clients
  • Chemical immobilisation (or stabilisation) reduces the leachability of PFAS in sludges and soils to levels potentially suitable for land application under the National Environmental management Plan (NEMP)
  • Thermal desorption treatment, using high temperatures to desorb (evaporate moisture and contaminants from solids) and convert the contaminants to carbon dioxide and water or condense them for collection. The treated solids can then be beneficially reused
  • Water treatment technologies, including Enviropacific-designed, commissioned, operated and maintained PFAS water treatment plants consistently achieve water quality well below discharge criteria

These technologies are cost-effective, modular, and highly mobile, allowing us to scale systems to the required application using our own mobile treatment equipment.

Our proven experience in managing PFAS impacted materials in different ways allows us to remain agile and to adapt quickly to the changing regulatory requirements.