Fuel Facilities

Improving fuel systems with comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

We offer specialised capabilities including construction, maintenance and decommissioning of fuel storage and handling facilities across Australia

Our Fuel Facilities’ teams provide end-to-end services for clients in the defence, commercial and infrastructure sectors.

We have the expertise and capability to manage small through to large complex projects.


Enviropacific has strong capabilities in delivering complex fuel facility projects in hazardous environments.

Our fuel facilities construction team will install and/or upgrade underground and above-ground fuel storage facilities including:

  • Defence fuel storage depots
  • Marine refuelling
  • Mine fuel storage depots
  • Aviation refuelling systems
  • Commercial and industrial

Demolition and Decommissioning

Our decommissioning and remediation team is responsible for demolishing, removing and remediating redundant fuel facilities and associated infrastructure using specialised technology and custom-designed equipment to reverse any environmental damage.


Enviropacific’s fuel facilities maintenance team specialises in managing critical fuel infrastructure.

We offer comprehensive programmed and reactive maintenance services for bulk fuel storage and handling facilities throughout Australia, incorporating:

  • Underground and above ground bulk fuel storage and handling systems
  • Fuel system integrity testing
  • Compliance inspections
  • Pollution control
  • Related ground and building maintenance

We work closely with our clients drawing on our experience and capability to maximise efficiency and minimise costs and business risks.