Creating safer and healthier environments for future generations.

Enviropacific provides innovative, sustainable and cost-effective remediation solutions to unlock brownfield sites for property and infrastructure development. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient, best practice services in all our remediation works, regardless of scale.

Our remediation services primarily include the design, technical, civil, and construction activities required to treat contaminated material in situ and/or remove contaminated material offsite for further processing. 

We rehabilitate contaminated land and water using an extensive range of technologies and equipment to remove, treat or dispose complex solid and liquid contaminants. 

We maximise the diversion of waste from landfill as well as on-site reuse and recycling of materials through our innovative hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, asbestos removalsoil remediation and water treatment techniques. 

We are experts in treating contaminated water to levels safe and suitable for reuse or discharge to local environments. This includes the treatment of PFAS. 

At Enviropacific we are committed to sustainability, by minimising waste entering landfill and maximising materials for on-site reuse and recycling. Using our extensive range of proprietary equipment, our remediation experts screen and segregate materials to prevent environmental contamination, or to remove, treat and dispose of known or emerging complex solid and liquid contaminants.  

Our detailed approach ensures that we can determine the most efficient remediation solution. We have regulator licenses across the nation, enabling us to deliver works without delay and with confidence.

We help to stop, prevent, and reverse environmental harm.

Soil Remediation

PFAS Remediation