Solving hazardous waste safely and effectively, maximising beneficial recovery and reuse.

Enviropacific provides holistic waste management solutions, focusing on the collection, treatment and disposal of solid, industrial, packaged, liquid and hazardous wastes.

We deliver physical plant waste solutions from wastewater recycling to decontaminating hazardous materials to help reduce and – where possible – reuse the waste produced by the facility.

We offer specialised industrial services, including tank cleaning, sludge removal, emergency spill response and non-destructive digging. We provide safe and cost-effective solutions for the identification, collection, tracking and disposal of hazardous materials.

Enviropacific also provides competitive haulage and disposal services of bulk contaminated soil materials working with appropriately licensed facilities across the country.

Our knowledge and experience in waste management combined with our innovative waste tracking system ensures the safe disposal of waste, which can also be monitored and checked via our online client portal