Waste Treatment Solve

SOLVE is Enviropacific’s state-of-the-art soil and waste processing facility in Altona, Victoria.  

Enviropacific is changing the way hazardous and prescribed industrial wastes (PIW) are managed in Australia.

SOLVE offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the treatment of contaminated soils and PIWs, using the most advanced thermal desorption technologies in a safe, emission-controlled and fully-enclosed system. 

Traditionally, contaminated soils and wastes have been managed through direct disposal to landfill – the lowest tier of best practice waste management. 

SOLVE is superior for the management of contaminated solids and liquids:

  • Licenced to accept Category A, Category B, Category C soils and PIW
  • High production thermal treatment with a large waste storage capacity
  • 24 hour operation with all-weather and full-height access
  • Centrally located in Melbourne
  • Registered weighbridge

SOLVE provides a value-for-money solution to waste owners ensuring ethical and environmental business practices and regulation compliance.