Non-Destructive Digging Treatment Facility

Non-Destructive Digging Treatment Facility

SOLVE is Enviropacific’s hazardous materials treatment facility built in Altona Victoria. It is Australia’s biggest thermal treatment plant and attracts contaminated material from across the country for treatment.

Our newly constructed SOLVE Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Treatment Plant is a state of the art facility which specialises in treating excavated muds, especially PFAS and hydrocarbon impacted drill muds. This facility provides an alternative to disposing NDD waste to landfills and recovering the outputs subject to testing and compliance.

Excavated drill mud contains both liquid and solid wastes. The plant can recover solid wastes such as – sand, gravel, and clays for beneficial reuse, supporting diversion from landfills. The liquid or water recovered from the plant can be beneficially reused in the thermal soil treatment plant at SOLVE, therefore helping reduce the consumption of potable water.

No other existing plant offers treatment of contaminated drill mud to this scale, with the goal that the treated recovery material can be beneficially reused. We are able to ensure NDD can be safely carried out even on contaminated land and are also able to process larger volumes of the drill mud.

The SOLVE NDD Facility provides an opportunity for the waste to be almost completely re-used and certain contamination destroyed – with the goal that the future of NDD will be Zero Waste. It enables clients and projects the flexibility to incorporate hydro-excavation (Non-Destructive Drilling) processes into planned projects, abiding by the new EPA waste regulations and increasing safety on sites.


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