Cameron McLean

Non-Executive Director

Cameron McLean

Cameron was a founding director of Enviropacific in 2001 and as an Executive Director, filled numerous roles since its inception including Project Manager, Branch Manager, Pre-Contracts Manager and Strategic Initiatives Manager. Cameron transitioned from an Executive Director to a Non-Executive Director of the Company in 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Environmental) from the University of Sydney.

Cameron has been involved in the remediation industry for nearly 30 years, two-thirds of that with Enviropacific. He has occupied numerous roles within the business from project manager right through to senior management. Cameron has an inherent understanding of the company’s capabilities and the markets in which the business operates.

In the past several years, Cameron was heavily involved with the Applied Science and Engineering Team and the Pre-Contracts part of the business in securing large Environmental Solutions-based projects for key clients like Orica and Defence. He played a key role in the development of Enviropacific’s capabilities in the PFAS treatment space, its Water Treatment capability, and development of the SOLVETM facility in Victoria.

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