We have proven experience in soil and water remediation, fuel facilities and design for property, utilities, fuel, government, defence and aviation industry projects.

Enviropacific’s extensive industry knowledge combining science, skills and initiative, together with an environmental focus, create highly successful solutions for our clients. Drawing on a significant pool of resources, we specialise in tailoring solutions to suit individual project requirements.

Our capabilities across site remediation, demolition, asbestos management, water treatment and waste management, coupled with fuel facility design, construction, maintenance and decommissioning allow us to provide integrated and seamless service delivery for these industries.


Enviropacific’s contribution to civil infrastructure projects sees us delivering prominent services in the public and private sectors.

Our infrastructure roots are instinctive; we have been working on large scale infrastructure projects since our inception. Through our work on these major projects we have safely influenced the Australian landscape, unlocking economic value for clients.


As the property industry grows across Australia, the need to provide environmentally sound, quality remediation and restorative services grows with it.

Working alongside clients, our dedicated staff and specialised equipment ensure environmental, time-efficient and economical outcomes. We can help unlock value from property assets and improve their performance as part of your portfolio.

Enviropacific has extensive experience in brownfields, urban renewal and reshaping communities through our role in property projects. With specialist skills from demolition, remediation and treatment of land and water, through to installation of new property infrastructure, we provide truly holistic management of all sites, across all sizes of projects.

Fuel Facilities

Enviropacific services all aspects of the fuel and petrochemical industry. Our team design, construct, maintain and decommission bulk fuel storage and handling facilities across the retail petroleum, defence, commercial and industrial sectors.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our unparalleled industry knowledge, delivering efficient processes is testament to a highly professional team who is specifically equipped to service the Australian fuel industry.

Resources & Utilites

The resources and utilities sectors provide an exceptional opportunity for remediation services, as the world becomes more focused on sustainability. Enviropacific’s team skills extend to provide service management in this important sector.

Our experienced team understand the crucial and changing environments involved with the resources and utilities sectors and work in close partnership with clients to understand their project needs. Our consultative approach allows us to offer class-leading remediation and water treatment solutions for achievable outcomes.

Enviropacific’s history of highly successful remediation services in this sector shows our vast knowledge and experience working with some of Australia’s largest providers.

Government & Defence

Enviropacific is a trusted market leader in site remediation, fuel facility design, construction and maintenance cleaning for the government and defence sectors across Australia.

We are experienced in handling hazardous materials and working on fuel facilities in sensitive areas and have held several delicate contracts, ensuring confidentiality always.


The aviation sector is facing increasing challenges, including maximising return on investment of high value assets, improving safety and security, reducing environmental impacts, and complying with tightening regulatory requirements.

Enviropacific’s connected team of specialists combine technical skill with an intimate understanding of the aviation industry, to deliver a comprehensive range of PFAS soil and water remediation services. Our fuel facilities team provides bulk aviation fuel systems including storage and handling solutions. Since 2001 our professionals have undertaken numerous projects across Australian airfields and airports, providing integrated solutions across the entire project life cycle, in both civil and defence environments.