Enviropacific win best remedial project award

February 26, 2018

Enviropacific win best remedial project award

Enviropacific win ‘best remedial project’ award for groundwater treatment plant at a Federal Airport site

A plant to treat groundwater at Gold Coast Airport has won Best Remedial Project >$1 Million at the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) Annual Industry Excellence Awards.

Enviropacific were engaged by Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd (GCAL) to design, construct, operate and maintain a 10L/s capacity groundwater treatment system to treat PFAS impacted groundwater at the Gold Coast Airport.

The impacted groundwater is being extracted as part of construction dewatering activities currently occurring at the airport in relation to terminal and apron upgrades that are required to meet increasing demand.

The system was designed to treat not only PFAS to achieve stringent criteria set by State and Federal Governments, but a range of other constituents including heavy metals, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and a range of physico-chemical parameters such as pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen in order to protect the receiving water environment. In total, over 40 parameters are tested and/or monitored daily to ensure discharge compliance. The system design and operational management plan was reviewed and approved by the Airport Building Controller and the Airport Environmental Officer.

A highly expedited system installation schedule was developed to ensure it would not hold up construction of the apron expansion, which is time-critical as the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games approaches. From the time that the plant concrete pad and associated bund was constructed, the system was installed and fully commissioned within 18 days. This was achieved via the development of a construction plan involving rolling shifts over a 20-hour period, 7 days/week.

Following system commissioning, the system has operated up to 24/7 with remote telemetry support to allow ongoing system monitoring and performance optimisation. Since commencement of system operation, the water treatment plant has received and effectively managed highly variable water quality from various construction zones onsite and continually produced a treated water quality which is better than the receiving water environment. Since commencement of operation, the treatment system has treated over 100ML and will continue to operate during the ongoing construction dewatering activities. The system has managed highly variable raw water quality and effectively treated over 100 Megalitres of groundwater, consistently achieving the discharge criteria.

Safety has been a continual focus during the operation of the treatment plant and zero health and safety incidents have occurred since we first commenced site works. This is a testament to the commitment of all Enviropacific staff and subcontractors and the efficacy of the Line of Sight safety management system utilised over the past year.

This state of the art water treatment system represents the first PFAS water treatment system designed and operated specifically for a Federal civilian airport site in Australia.

We are proud of the success we’ve had in treating PFAS contaminated groundwater at Gold Coast Airport. It is a mark of the skill and ability of our people who are committed to making the environment cleaner and healthier for all of us.