Australia’s first national PFAS management plan

February 18, 2018

Australia’s first national PFAS management plan

Enviropacific welcomes Australia’s first National PFAS management plan

Enviropacific has welcomed Australia’s first national environment management plan for dealing with PFAS (per- and poly-fluroalkyl substances).

PFAS are a group of chemical compounds that have been used for more than half-a-century making products non-stick, water repellent, and fire, weather and stain resistant. They have been used for making carpets, clothes and paper, and for industrial purposes like firefighting foams, pesticides and stain repellents.

They are very stable and resist physical, chemical and biological degradation. As a result, they pose potentially significant health concerns.

Enviropacific’s National PFAS Technical Manager, Andrew Thomas, says the company contributed to the development of the plan during the consultation period.

“We’re pleased to see that a number of our recommendations were taken on board, resulting in a final product that ultimately provides more certainty for both regulators and clients in the implementation of managing PFAS impacted materials,” said Mr Thomas.

He said the company is committed to playing its part in managing and cleaning up PFAS contaminated areas.

“We have developed and implemented a full suite of remediation approaches to manage and treat PFAS impacted soil, sediment and water at sites throughout Australia and our new SOLVE soil treatment facility in Altona, Victoria will play a crucial role in closing the loop on managing all PFAS wastes.

This national management plan will provide important and consistent guidance to help us continue to improve and expand our service offering in the management, treatment, storage, re-use and disposal of PFAS impacted material so we can create safer, healthier communities,” said Mr Thomas.

The PFAS National Environmental Management Plan was endorsed by a meeting of commonwealth, state and territory environment ministers last Friday.

Enviropacific is Australia’s leading PFAS treatment company, having been engaged by a range of government and private organisations to clean up contaminated sites, including the treatment of impacted groundwater at the Gold Coast Airport.