Works extended due to additional scope

Works extended due to additional scope

In response to detailed development planning for the Former Fitzroy Gasworks site, the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance has engaged Enviropacific Services to carry out additional excavation and remediation works.

These additional excavation and remediation works are required to facilitate future basement construction as part of the development, allowing management of any further contamination by a remediation specialist rather than a construction contractor.

Undertaking these additional excavation works now will reduce the need for the future construction contractor to undertake contaminated material management works on the site in the future.

Due to this additional scope, works at the site are now expected to extend to early-2022.

The safety and wellbeing of the community is of utmost importance. Enviropacific will continue to deliver the safe, efficient and effective removal of material from the site and work to limit disruptions to surrounding residents and businesses. Note that due to the nature of the excavation works there may be times of additional noise.

The additional excavation works will ensure the delivery of a cleaner, safer environment for the people of Fitzroy North and future users of the proposed site.