We provide innovative applied science and engineering remediation solutions to prevent environmental contamination, and to remove, treat or dispose of known and emerging complex solid and liquid contaminants.

At Enviropacific we are committed to minimising waste to landfill and maximising materials for on-site reuse and recycling. Using our extensive range of proprietary equipment, our remediation experts screen and segregate materials to prevent environmental contamination, or to remove, treat and dispose of known or emerging complex solid and liquid contaminants.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we can determine the most efficient remediation solution.

Fields of expertise:

  • Soil remediation and waste management
  • Water and vapour treatment
  • Hazardous materials removal and disposal
  • PFAS management and destruction
  • Environmental engineering and technical solutions
  • Specialist thermal desorption treatment facilities


Enviropacific offers total waste management solutions, specialising in the collection, recycling and disposal of industrial solid, liquid and hazardous wastes.

Enviropacific’s waste services include: industrial cleaning, detailed waste reporting, and hazardous, liquid and total waste management. We provide a safe and cost-effective solution for the identification, collection, tracking and disposal of waste materials. We maintain a transparent process to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Our team of industrial chemists, senior project managers, site auditors and consultants have decades long knowledge of managing contracts for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Recent remediation projects