Fuel Facilities

Fuel Forward

Enviropacific delivers comprehensive bulk fuel storage and handling facility design, construction, maintenance and decommissioning services across the retail, defence, commercial and industrial sectors throughout Australia.

We provide end to end services to the fuel industry, from planning to commissioning for fuel delivery systems and bulk storage facilities, from retail outlets to critical infrastructure diesel generation systems. We have specialised capabilities in fuel facility and system design, along with petrochemical remediation and associated environmental services.

Fuel Facility Remediation

Enviropacific’s fuel facility remediation services focus on demolishing, removing and remediating refuelling systems and associated infrastructure. These services include excavation, shoring, dewatering by professionals who can manage complicated spoiled sites using specialised technology, custom designed equipment and comprehensive project management to aim to reverse damage.

We work closely with our clients throughout the project, drawing on our capabilities to maximise efficiency and minimise business risks. We seek to partner with our clients, suppliers and the community to achieve long term sustainable solutions and enable us to be adaptive, innovative and flexible.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our unparalleled industry knowledge, delivering efficient processes is testament to a highly professional team who is specifically equipped to service the Australian petroleum industry.


  • Service station design, construction, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Terminal and depot design construction, maintenance and decommissioning
  • Commercial fuel facility design, construction, maintenance and decommissioning, including power generation, aviation, transport, marine and defence
  • Fuel storage and handling system equipment integrity testing remedial services
  • Fuel system inspections for compliance
  • Delivery of specialist engineering and applied sciences solutions for the prevention and remediation of solid and liquid contamination

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